Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Martin Crowe feared he would succumb to cancer by 2014 end

New Zealand Test cricket legend Martin Crowe has opened about his ongoing fight with cancer, saying that he had not expected to live until the end of 2014, but is determined to survive to see his nation play at the World Cup next month.

Crowe, after being diagnosed with follicular lymphoma about two years ago, has since been diagnosed with a rare blood disease called double-hit lymphoma, and only 5 percent of patients detected with the same live up to 12 months.

Crowe, who was philosophical about his health and has shunned chemotherapy in favour of natural remedies, said that his energy was returning, reported.

The former batsman said that cancer is an ugly beast, adding that it transformed from follicular to double-hit, describing it as sheer random luck. He said that it is odd given it has a cricketing tone to it.

Crowe insisted that the chemotherapy is brutal and it was going to be a 100-day vigil, so he thought it would be better if he just chilled at home, and so far, so good.

Crowe claimed that his specialist would like him back in hospital. He added that he just chose that he would be better off without the side effects of chemotherapy, insisting that it is just a journey based on what he believes within himself.

He has been taking natural remedies to boost his immune system, including a product based on sea cucumber given to him by friend and former rugby player Grant Fox.

Crowe claimed that he is standing at the moment, adding that he didn't necessarily think that he would get through to the end of 2014, but he is feeling OK.

Crowe also said that he had a great team around him, including wife Lorraine Downes.

Crowe, widely regarded as the best batsman to have represented New Zealand, played 77 tests and 143 ODIs between 1982 and 1995, the report added. (ANI)

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