Sunday, 17 March 2013

Don't treat Oz players like kids: Ian Chappell

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has criticised the team management and told them that it is important to remember that the players are grown men, not schoolboys, even though the game may have evolved and the players have become full-time professionals, following the suspension of four key players from the Mohali Test.

Stating that cricketers have their own individuality even though cricket is a team game, Chappell said that the team's struggles should have been sorted out face-to-face in the team room over a few drinks and a bit of candid conversation, rather than asking for suggestions by text or email, reports.

Criticising the management for letting the crisis in the team reach a point where four players had to be suspended for minor disciplinary infractions, the former skipper said that many stormy confrontations between a player and the management has cleared the air and allowed a side to move on to better things without any outsider being aware of the reason for the sudden form reversal.

According to Chappell, each player should know what preparation is best for them and what provides their best chance of success on the field, adding that performance should come before conforming when it comes to winning matches.

Chappell also criticised captain Michael Clarke for his role in the player suspension process and said that although Clarke has proved to be a good tactician, he may lose his authority on the ground if he tries to control things off the field.

Insisting on the need of players to speak out their mind against any perceived slight, Chappell defended vice-captain Shane Watson for speaking out and defending his reputation and said that the team needed to have such a feisty exchange behind closed doors in the aftermath of the Hyderabad debacle.

Chappell further said that by making strict rules, the Australian team management has developed a culture of 'yes' men rather than team men. (ANI)

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