Monday, 21 January 2013

Michael Clarke fine with 'dubious' DRS system since it hits both teams equally

Australia captain Michael Clarke has claimed they have no issues with the controversial Decision Review System (DRS) system since it's applicable to both the teams following double howlers by umpires during the washed-out SCG one-day against Sri Lanka.
Another limp Australian batting performance was magnified when Dave Warner (60 in 73 balls) and Moises Henriques (3) were crucified as Australia struggled to 9/222 after Michael Clarke won the toss and batted, reports.
Sri Lanka was 0-14 in reply when light rain stopped player and despite no rain for 45 minutes the match was abandoned at 9pm.

While the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) opposes the DRS for all certain reasons, questioning technology that is more accurate than the human eye, the system fails to remove blatant mistakes from the game, the paper added.
It was introduced to get rid of the howler, however batting teams have just two unsuccessful challenges against umpiring decisions in Test matches and only one unsuccessful challenge in 50-over cricket.
Clarke (20) used that challenge after just 10 overs when given out leg before wicket and he referred the decision only for Hawkeye to show the ball hitting the top of middle stump.
Clarke said that is what the have got and it's the same for both teams, adding that Warner got a big inside edge and Henriques hit his as well, which were two big decisions that went against, however, the captain also said there have been plenty of times he has seen it go our way as well.
Clarke added that's just part of the game and they need to just got to get on with it, adding some one else in the team needs to step up and make big scores for the team in such circumstances.
Clarke was unsure whether the video umpire should be able to overrule the central umpire on such blatant mistakes. (ANI)

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