Saturday, 15 December 2012

Shane Watson's current batting form similar to 'Chinese takeaway'

Shane Watson's failure to convert good starts into big scores in Test cricket is similar to a Chinese takeaway that looks good initially but leaves one craving for more in the end, according to cricket writer Peter Badel.
Watson scored 30 in the first innings of the Hobart Test against Sri Lanka and once again failed to make most of the start.
"Cricket Australia high-performance boss Pat Howard created the odd ripple when he intimated last month that Shane Watson, minus his bowling, may not be among the country's top-six batsmen," Badel wrote in his column for

"After Watson's latest stint at the crease yesterday, Howard's critique may not be as feckless as it seems," he wrote.
"Australian cricket has invested countless resources into Watson throughout his injury battles and now, once again, he has been given a gilt-edged opportunity, this time as the man to replace retired champion Ricky Ponting in the crucial No.4 batting slot," he added.
Badel further wrote in his column: "But even in the post-Ponting era, the vice-captain continues to tease, enchant, delight and frustrate. All in the same innings."
"His knock of 30 from 61 balls against Sri Lanka yesterday was the latest example of Watson's struggle to parlay a promising start into a substantial ton that can knock the stuffing out of the opposition," he added.
"Watson's innings at the moment are a bit like having Chinese takeaway. It looks fine and momentarily does the job but after the initial sumptuous taste you are left craving a little bit more," he concluded. (ANI)

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