Thursday, 13 December 2012

Shane Watson says won't tinker with aggressive approach in Tests despite drop in batting order

Shane Watson has claimed he won't be altering his belligerent approach to batting in Test cricket despite dropping to number four in Australia's top order in place of retired champion Ricky Ponting.
Previously converted into a Test opener, Watson had a successful tenure at the top of Australia's top order, amassing 1878 runs from 45 Test innings at 43.67 in a position that capitalised on his up-tempo style.
There are fears Watson may struggle to be as dominant down the order, particularly when facing spin against defensive fields, but the 31-year-old says he won't be tinkering with his batting in the post-Ponting era.
"I don't think I'm really going to have to change anything at all. Hopefully the bowlers are going to be a bit more tired, the ball's going to be a little bit older and the wicket's going to be more worn as well," quoted Watson, as saying.

"I do know I'm going to be facing spin a lot more coming in and batting number four," he added.
"That's something that I've been conscious of really working on, having a better game-plan to be able to go in facing spin straight up. Normally, when you're opening you've got a chance to get into your innings before the spin comes on," he said.
Watson added: "When I'm batting my best is when my mindset's how it is when I'm opening. I'm positive, taking on the bowlers and putting pressure on them to be able to bowl exactly where they want to bowl."
"The challenge for me is to be able to continue that mindset, like I was when I was opening and having success," he said.
"I really am seeing it as a big positive; one, for my batting side of things, but also for my bowling, to hopefully be able to really contribute that little bit more with the ball because I feel like I have like I have got a bit more to contribute with the ball," he added. (ANI)

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