Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pakistan league to serve the 'cricket-starved' nation and boost economy: PCB Chief

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Zaka Ashraf has confirmed that plans are afoot to bring foreign players to the country for the Pakistan Premier League (PPL) will be held in October.

"The league will be held in October," the Economic Times quoted Ashraf, as saying, adding that the event will not only serve the cricket-starved nation but also help boost the country's economy.
"The weather is also ideal in October so it will be good for players and spectators. There is a craze of cricket in Pakistan and we want to make sure that our stadiums are full," a PCB official clamed.
Reports said that currently, there are four companies interested in holding the league and their presentations to the board will determine the feasibility of the venture.
But the league is 'far from being confirmed right now' as the Chairman reportedly left for Dubai following a few presentations made earlier for the cricket event. (ANI)

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