Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ben Hollioake's stolen kit partialy recovered

PERTH: Deceased England cricketer Ben Hollioake’s kit, which was heartlessly stolen from his parents’ Perth house sometime on Tuesday, has been partially recovered.

In a tweet, Ben’s brother Adam revealed that Western Australia Police had recovered half a bag of kit, although some playing shirts and other items remained missing. 

The theft had earlier prompted Adam to launch a massive online campaign imploring for the return of the stolen items, and as a response several past and present cricketers from England and Australia – including Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen and Stuart Broad – had beseeched for the right thing to be done.

“Anyone that can help or knows anything about how to get Ben Hollioake's kit returned to his parents, please do the right thing. Thank you," Warne had tweeted.

Pietersen was slightly more scathing: “Please help find the idiots who have broken into Adam Hollioake's parents' house and stole Ben's England possessions.”

The purloined kit included shirts, sweaters, helmets, bats, gloves and blazers, which Ben had used during the course of his two-Test-20-ODI career, before dying in a road accident in March 2002.

Adam, who said the robbery had left his parents deeply upset, had earlier tweeted a warning to the perpetrators: “My worst trait is my stubborness. In this instance it's these dudes' worst nightmare. I will never give up. I owe it to my parents. Sad for them.”

A former England cricketer himself, Adam is currently a pro-boxer and cage fighter in Australia – a point the offenders might want to take note of. (Yahoo cricket)

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