Thursday, 19 April 2012

Australian cricketers eyeing share of cash generated from 2015 World Cup

The Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) met Cricket Australia (CA) representatives met this week to discuss the new incentive-based pay system, as cricketers set their eyes on the considerable amount of revenue that could be generated from the 2015 cricket World Cup.

The talks were described as 'positive and productive' by ACA chief Paul Marsh, although there are a few issues on which an agreement was left to be reached.
It's understood the two most debatable matters are CA's proposal for an incentive-based model, which would link the players' percentage of CA's revenue to the team's performance, and the ACA's pursuit to secure 26 per cent of World Cup revenue for the players.
The World Cup claim is important on two major fronts. It is the first time that the players have got a chance to share in the revenue earned from a major ICC event held on Australian soil, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.econd, it is the first sign that the players in exchange for a fixed share of World Cup money could be persuaded to accept a model that entitles them to less than their current 26 per cent share of CA revenue in a year when the team performs poorly, knowing they can receive more in a successful year.
A Cricket Australia spokesman revealed a new deal could be reached well ahead of the June 30 deadline. (ANI)

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