Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Asif Iqbal says PCB should have taken a firm stance on Bangladesh tour

 Former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal has expressed displeasure over the Bangladesh Cricket Board's 'disingenuous' stand by first agreeing to play matches in Pakistan and then retracting the decision after the collision incident in the Asia Cup.

The incident during the first ball of the 50th over, involved a collision between the bowler Aizaz Cheema and Mahmudullah as the latter tried to come back for a second run which the BCB claimed the Pakistan bowler did deliberately.
"The security delegation was given assurances by the Pakistani Government at the highest levels and returned to Bangladesh satisfied with its findings. The final decision was referred to the Bangladeshi Government, and at that time, there seemed to be no major impediments to this tour," quoted Iqbal, as saying.
"Once the unfortunate issue surrounding the Asia Cup final became known, and I don't want to go into that, as I find that distasteful that the BCB had filed a complaint once the match was done and dusted, it seems that there was a change in attitude from the BCB and suddenly there were doubts being cast upon the feasibility of this tour," he added.
He said the PCB should have taken a tough stand on the issue and anticipated that the fact of Pakistan's backing Mustafa Kamal's candidature for an ICC post might have led Bangladesh to consider playing a two- match itinerary in Pakistan.
"The PCB should have taken a firm stance and told BCB in no uncertain terms that they should abide by their earlier decision. However, I do believe, and I can only go by media reports that a compromise was reached by using the leverage of Pakistan's support for Mustafa Kamal's appointment in ICC. This may have forced the BCB to consider a somewhat curtailed tour of Pakistan! If this is true then the tour schedule has been arranged for all the wrong reasons," he added.
He also called on the ICC to take a firm view on the issue instead of "sitting on the fence". (ANI)

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