Sunday, 16 October 2011

Parore backs 'experienced' Rixon to replace Nielsen as Australian cricket coach

Former New Zealand wicketkeeper Adam Parore reckons that former Black Caps coach Steve Rixon is the best man to replace Tim Nielsen as the new Australian cricket coach.

Nielsen is unlikely to be reappointed after being told to re-apply for the role following the recommendations made by the 'Argus Review'.

Rixon, who is the fielding coach of the Australian team, is vying with the likes of Greg Shipperd, Mickey Arthur and John Wright to take up the job.

Parore said that the 57-year-old had the ability to help Australia rebuild, develop a strong sense of camaraderie and resharpen the killer instinct that made them the benchmark other teams aspired to reach.

"I think now is a good time for him to take the Australian job if it's offered to him because there's a reasonably young captain [Michael Clarke] in terms of his actual experience as a captain ... he's just coming into the job," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Parore, as saying.

"Steve's strength is his focus towards young and enthusiastic teams. That was certainly the state for us; he brings a young team together, instils enthusiasm and drills them physically while he can call upon his own experiences as a coach and international player," he added.

Parore further described the Australians as a team in the development stage, though he acknowledged the squad contained a few proven players.

"I think he could offer a lot to that group. Steve didn't take long to win our respect because he'd do things like get his hands dirty with fielding drills and if he wasn't happy he'd stay back longer with the players to get it right ... over time that builds a great camaraderie and sense of trust," the former wicketkeeper said.

According to reports, Cricket Australia (CA) general manager Michael Brown has already contacted Rixon for the role. (ANI)

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