Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mindless diving is of no use: Jonty Rhodes

His flexibility and quick reflex actions had left many people in awe but Jonty Rhodes, one of the greatest fielders of cricket, says mindless diving is of no use as fielding is all about knowing the right technique.

'Fielding is not about mindless diving, it is more about learning the right technique and knowing how can one do it right without getting hurt. There is a technique involved in diving without hurting yourself,' Rhodes told IANS here Thursday.

The former South African cricketer was here in the capital to promote a new range of wellness and endurance supplements by Evolution Sports Nutrition Pvt Ltd, of which he is one of the directors on board.

Rhodes, who is the fielding coach of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League(IPL), said in the past few years fielding has become an important aspect of cricket which is reflecting in the Indian cricket team as well.

'There is a great deal of improvement in the Indian cricket team. Younger players are exposed to various formats of the game and they are keen to learn. I feel Suresh Raina is a very good fielder,' said Rhodes.

'I remember telling everyone that the way Indian team fielded in the first five overs of the World Cup, was one of the factors responsible for their victory. Especially the way Yuvraj Singh, Raina and Virat Kohli fielded, they stopped most of the boundaries,' he added.

For the 42-year-old, who could easily be mistaken as a 25-year-old, injuries are a part and parcel of any player's life, but how he treads on the recovery road, matters the most.

'With so much of cricket happening, players are bound to get injured. But fitness requires recovery. So one has to give time to let the injury heal and only then get back to the ground,' he said.

Rhodes doesn't he feel the 'fielding' tag has overshadowed his batting skills.

'I was an average middle order batsman, that is what the rating says 'average'. But there were many better players before me who are not remembered the way people remember me. So, the fact people remember me is what matters the most, the tag doesn't bother me at all,' he added.

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