Friday, 14 October 2011

Geoffrey Boycott facing 1m pounds legal bill after losing mansion battle in court

Geoffrey Boycott has lost the legal battle he launched against lawyers over his 2.5 million pounds mansion, and has been criticised by a High Court judge for giving "three completely different answers to the same question".

The 70-year-old former England cricketer, who sued a firm of solicitors he claimed had given him bad advice on the purchase of the exclusive Sandbanks mansion, is likely to face legal costs of more than 100,000 pounds.
"Mr Boycott is by his own admission a blunt and straightforward man. His evidence was clear but not always as impressive as it would have been if he had not tried to anticipate the reasons why counsel was asking questions," the Daily Mail quoted Mr Justice Vos, sitting at the High Court in London, as saying.
"He gave three completely different answers to the same question.
"Otherwise, I found Mr Boycott a reasonably reliable witness. He was plainly very annoyed by what had happened. Mr Boycott was keen to give evidence to help his case," he said.
Boycott, who had bought the Sandbanks home as "joint tenants" with his former lover Anne Wyatt for 450,000 pounds in 1996, expected to inherit it when his ex-lover died, but to his "huge surprise", he came to know that she had converted the property to a "tenancy in common", meaning her half of the value of the property could be left to her niece, rather than to him.
The former opening batsman also accused lawyers of "failing to explain to him that Mrs Wyatt would have the right to sever that joint tenancy", although the lawyers denied all liability in the case, and also maintained that the case was not lawful as Boycott had delayed his move too long before coming to court. (ANI)

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