Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dean Jones says he was 'so ready to break Sarfraz's nose' for match-fixing accusations

 Former Australian batsman Dean Jones has said that he was 'so ready to break the nose' of former Pakistan bowler Sarfraz Nawaz some five years ago in Islamabad, for his 'ridiculous' match-fixing allegations.

"Sarfraz is the guy who said under parliamentary privilege that I was guilty of match fixing and this is why I was sacked as a player," Jones wrote in The Age.

"Please, tell me if I am wrong here, but it was me who retired from international cricket and the selectors wanted me to continue in the one-day format. Sarfraz was lucky he didn't make these ridiculous allegations outside of parliament, as I would have sent legal action against him forthwith. Thus the reason he went silent," he added.

Jones said he met Sarfraz some five years ago in Islamabad while he was commentating on a series in Pakistan.

"All of my Pakistani friends were there, with Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. I was so ready to break Sarfraz's nose. Luckily for Sarfraz, Imran took me aside and cooled me down. Sarfraz had no evidence to back up his allegations," he said.

This week, Jones stated, he read a Sydney newspaper article from Malcolm Conn, whom he said he respects as a cricket journalist, again mentioning Sarfraz's claim.

"Now, enough is enough with this crap," he declared.

"My family and I have had enough. When the media gives these guys oxygen and sensationalises everything they allege, what defence do we have to stop these ridiculous accusations of people trying to sully your reputation?" he questioned. (ANI)

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